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  • Episode 9: A Devouring Organism Aptly Named for the Goddess of Love

        Hey Listeners!  Do you ever find yourselves with a pesky bit of life drama, like say you think a family member might be gay but you can’t deal with it because you live in 1937?  GET A LOBOTOMY! Or how about your mom and brother are poor and your rich aunt offers to…

  • Episode 8: Prime Numbers! OMG!

      Hey hey we’re back! Again! We know that it’s been awhile and you’ve been frothing at the mouth for some new material – so we thought we’d oblige with yet another lost cult classic from the ’90s. That’s right kids, we’re talking about…CUBE.* Think you know about Cartesian coordinates?? You might! But enough to…

  • Episode 6: I <3 U, Boo.

    [display_podcast] And we’re back!  We’ve been away for a while, enjoying various summer activities, but now we’re entering the bleak, dark, drippy days of fall and winter… known to the enlightened as MOVIE WATCHING SEASON!!!   But did you guys know, if you worked on an underwater oil rig in the 1980s, you didn’t have the…

  • Episode 5: Unions and the Role of Ethics in the Industrial Revolution

    Please enjoy our 5th episode!  The subject: a film that I’ve seen between 50 and 70 times, and that Natalie has seen only once: NEWSIES.  Featuring special call-in guest Sarah Carter and special musical guest Donnie B.

  • Episode 4: Desert Braids

    We’re back!  On this episode of Emerson vs. Cook, we take you on a mystical pilgrimage to the heart of Egypt with our discussion of the film “Passion in the Desert.”  What unites man and beast, and what will tear them apart?  Colonialism?  Patriarchy?  Infidelity?  ALL THREE!?!?!?  

  • Episode 3: Why We Hate Nachos*

    For our third podcast, we thought it would be a good idea to strap on our headlights and go spelunking… deep into the caves of our collectively forgotten dreams.  So we made up some questions that mostly have to do with movies and asked them to each other.  Our cleverest listeners may have already sussed…

  • Episode 2: Nicolas Cage

    Our second podcast wherein we discuss the many peculiar and perplexing roles (and accents and hairstyles) of film star, Nicolas Cage. With special guest: Donnie B  

  • Episode 1: Bad Seeds

    Our first podcast wherein we discuss horrible, awful, hilariously evil children from cinema (and our own lives) through the lens of  “The Bad Seed.”