Episode 4: Desert Braids

We’re back!  On this episode of Emerson vs. Cook, we take you on a mystical pilgrimage to the heart of Egypt with our discussion of the film “Passion in the Desert.”  What unites man and beast, and what will tear them apart?  Colonialism?  Patriarchy?  Infidelity?  ALL THREE!?!?!?







3 responses to “Episode 4: Desert Braids”

  1. Joe Avatar

    One summer’s eve while on vacation from school this movie came on at 3 in the morning and I watched the entire thing, I felt weird.

  2. Brad Craft Avatar

    Thanks, chums! Delightful as always. Here’s the Balzac story, by the way: http://www.classicshorts.com/stories/pitdbalz.html

  3. Kelsey Avatar

    Killer! I had a class in college on gender and colonialism in the middle east and the male/female dynamic of the colonizer/colonized relationship was frequently discussed but somehow none of my professors ever thought to show this film.

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