Episode 2: Nicolas Cage

Our second podcast wherein we discuss the many peculiar and perplexing roles (and accents and hairstyles) of film star, Nicolas Cage.

With special guest: Donnie B


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  1. Is this photo choice inspired by my comments yesterday about his face seeming as though it had been detached from his body and then shoddily sewn back on? Or is this just his head shot for ANTM?

  2. Nat’s very breathy “Really?!” is now my favorite response to, well, anything Seija will ever say again. Oh, and one more thing,maybe you guys need a lil’ Udo Kier in this mix? Sounds your cup of weird.

  3. AWESOME! I hope Nicolas Cage hears this at some point. I love your podcast you guys. I’m your biggest fan, you should start a facebook page.

    Also I just watched The Warriors last night and I think you should consider podcasting about it. It’s incredible in more than one way.

  4. No way, Joe, I’M their biggest fan. Val lives in Santa Fe, NM, owns a rodeo and is basically the town crazy. Just a little tidbit to add to your knowledge. Also, Colm Meany is O’Brien on Star Trek. I love you guys.

  5. This is totally fuckin’ awesome!

  6. i just listened to this one, so, a few things: also included in the cast of Con Air – Dave Chappelle, Nic Cage lobbied hard to be Superman in that Superman Returns movie, he buys Trilobite fossils at auctions, he was really very good in Bringing Out the Dead which is sort of a dark horse Scorsese movie, and i cannot believe Natalie did not mention Peggy Sue Got Married.

  7. Kyle!! It was maybe about 10 minutes post-podcast that I realized my mistake. Exacerbated by the fact that I definitely had Peggy Sue Got Married notations. That bizarre teenaged nasal accent, the Fabian fixation. And some my favorite lines:

    “Woman! Humiliator!”

    “I changed all the yeahs to ooohs. She loves you…oooh oooh oooh.”

  8. … also, Cage’s son’s name as well as Superman’s alien name is actually Kal-El. So close, Emerson.

  9. 80s Ted Danson

    One of the funniest podcasts I’ve ever heard, looking forward to hearing more episodes!

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