Episode 9: A Devouring Organism Aptly Named for the Goddess of Love

Joseph L. Mankiewicz Tribute



Hey Listeners!  Do you ever find yourselves with a pesky bit of life drama, like say you think a family member might be gay but you can’t deal with it because you live in 1937?  GET A LOBOTOMY!

Or how about your mom and brother are poor and your rich aunt offers to pay them 100,000 dollars if they commit you to a mental institution against your will?  GET A LOBOTOMY!

Are you tired of living on nothing but pills and salads?  GET A LOBOTOMY!

Or maybe you’ve heard that a sharp knife in the mind kills the devil in the soul, and you’d like to test that theory out on yourself?  You know the solution, folks!

We discuss all these scenarios and so many more on Episode 9, in which the 1959 film “Suddenly, Last Summer”  leads us down a twisted path festooned with primordial vines and the debris of broken Southern families.







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