Episode 6: I <3 U, Boo.

But what about love?!?!?


And we’re back!  We’ve been away for a while, enjoying various summer activities, but now we’re entering the bleak, dark, drippy days of fall and winter… known to the enlightened as MOVIE WATCHING SEASON!!!   But did you guys know, if you worked on an underwater oil rig in the 1980s, you didn’t have the technology to watch movies?  No ma’am, all you had were your two thumbs, your pet rat, and a whole lotta deep ocean between you and blessed land.   It almost seemed exciting to go on a rescue mission to a wrecked submarine; too bad everyone on it is DEAD and you gotta take a big ole WARHEAD back to your rig, which up until this point was full of ex-hippie pacifists who just wanna make an honest wage!  Oh, and just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, some super-intelligent alien non-aliens show up that look like what your box fan would turn into if you were tripping REAL HARD.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to…THE ABYSS!






5 responses to “Episode 6: I <3 U, Boo.”

  1. kyle Avatar

    he didn’t have delirium tremens. he had the bends. one of the known symptoms of the bends is, of course, calling people “bitch.” some noted sufferers of the bends: Rick James, Jan-Michael Vincent, and Emily Dickinson.

  2. jan Avatar

    I love the Abyss … the director’s cut is *of course* the best!!! “Love u wife” …

  3. Natalie Avatar

    So happy that you’re still listening, Kyle. Also happy you found an opportunity to drop an Air Wolf earwig. It all begs the question though…what would Big Fat Tina think of all this?

  4. kyle Avatar

    She would say “Cook, if you like that movie you should come watch Waterworld at the ladies’ field hockey Friday night mini-pep rally movie watching paJAMa party. Really. You should come. Cook. Really.”

  5. Seija Avatar

    Waterworld, fuck yeah!!! Second best evil Dennis Hopper performance.

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