Episode 5: Unions and the Role of Ethics in the Industrial Revolution

Please enjoy our 5th episode!  The subject: a film that I’ve seen between 50 and 70 times, and that Natalie has seen only once: NEWSIES.  Featuring special call-in guest Sarah Carter and special musical guest Donnie B.

“How ’bout a crooked politician?”
“Hey stupid, that ain’t news no more!!”






6 responses to “Episode 5: Unions and the Role of Ethics in the Industrial Revolution”

  1. kyle Avatar

    1. How can two adults run a website and podcast about movies and not have even heard of Solar Babies? I might cancel my membership.

    2. Don’t think I didn’t notice the subtle use of reverb during the singing portions. Pretty sneaky, sis. (2a. Was Don playing a Moog?)

    3. You spent 20 minutes talking about Newsies but there’s not even a passing mention of Swing Kids? I really hope someone got fired for that blunder.

  2. Natalie Avatar

    Kyle! Get up off my jank! Yeesh. That being said, you’re right, I definitely should’ve mentioned Swing Kids because that was MY favorite Christian Bale dancing movie. But honestly, I remember that film more as a Robert Sean Leonard vehicle. I really hope your harsh vibes subside when we have you on as our next call-in guest…

  3. kyle Avatar

    You know I ain’t watch movies. Also, is it a coincidence that the picture that accompanies this post the same is the one that they used for the cover of the first Walkmen album?

  4. Seija Avatar

    So… check out the IMDB plot summary for Solarbabies (one word): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091981/plotsummary
    It seems that my repeated viewings of Tank Girl and Ice Pirates MORE than make up for this gap in my cinematic experience.

  5. kyle Avatar

    I’m not sure how my second comment got so jumbled. I’ll blame the internet.

    I thought about checking if Solarbabies was one word or two, then I thought it wasn’t worth it. Plus, the only way it makes sense to just cram those words together is if it’s German. I’ve never seen the movie but I’m pretty sure it isn’t German. That’s all I’ve got.

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