• Episode 9: A Devouring Organism Aptly Named for the Goddess of Love

        Hey Listeners!  Do you ever find yourselves with a pesky bit of life drama, like say you think a family member might be gay but you can’t deal with it because you live in 1937?  GET A LOBOTOMY! Or how about your mom and brother are poor and your rich aunt offers to […]

  • Episode 8: Prime Numbers! OMG!

      Hey hey we’re back! Again! We know that it’s been awhile and you’ve been frothing at the mouth for some new material – so we thought we’d oblige with yet another lost cult classic from the ’90s. That’s right kids, we’re talking about…CUBE.* Think you know about Cartesian coordinates?? You might! But enough to […]

  • Episode 6: I <3 U, Boo.

    [display_podcast] And we’re back!  We’ve been away for a while, enjoying various summer activities, but now we’re entering the bleak, dark, drippy days of fall and winter… known to the enlightened as MOVIE WATCHING SEASON!!!   But did you guys know, if you worked on an underwater oil rig in the 1980s, you didn’t have the […]

  • The Scene I Can’t Watch

    Hey y’all!  We’re almost ready to unveil podcast #6 for your listening pleasure!  I think it’s a great episode.  Don’t hold your breath until we release it, though.  You’ll DIE.  UNLESS!  Unless you trust us to resuscitate you.  I was CPR certified in, like, 2001.  God that class was boring.  Speaking of deep-sea resuscitation, take […]

  • Episode 5: Unions and the Role of Ethics in the Industrial Revolution

    Please enjoy our 5th episode!  The subject: a film that I’ve seen between 50 and 70 times, and that Natalie has seen only once: NEWSIES.  Featuring special call-in guest Sarah Carter and special musical guest Donnie B.

  • A teaser for all you rascals!

    Something for you guys to enjoy while we work on our next podcast….

  • Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho

    The sun is finally happening here in Seattle and I find myself falling easily into dopey, feel-good daydreaming. Especially since most days are spent getting “sun-drunk” with friends and/or crushing on lil’ hotties. Therefore, I thought I’d share this short film on first love.  Simple and sweet, the story may just cause a slight swelling […]

  • Zing Zing Zing Went My Heartstrings!

    “Someday you’ll learn that greatness is only the seizing of opportunity – clutching with your bare hands ’til the knuckles show white.” Sometimes I just want to watch a comforting movie. Not often, but if I’m at home doing an art project or feeling sick, I go for the familiarity of a movie from my […]

  • Episode 4: Desert Braids

    We’re back!  On this episode of Emerson vs. Cook, we take you on a mystical pilgrimage to the heart of Egypt with our discussion of the film “Passion in the Desert.”  What unites man and beast, and what will tear them apart?  Colonialism?  Patriarchy?  Infidelity?  ALL THREE!?!?!?  

  • Unexpected Inspirado: Terry Doolittle

    You guys might remember me mentioning this character from Jumpin’ Jack Flash in our third podcast. I think it’s safe to say that the last time anyone saw this movie was  1994 on TNT on a Wednesday afternoon. I would say that Whoopi made this role, because I cannot see any other actress of that […]

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