Can you see two minutes into the future? We CAN.

Seija and I must have unleashed some latent premonition power, which possibly has something to do with that ancient trinket wrapped around a monkey’s paw that my weird shaman uncle, Clyde, sent to me from Azerbaijan. I knew I shouldn’t have let fresh blood get on that thing. But Seija just had to have more cheetos. I digress.

Consider this:  our next podcast on Nicolas Cage (recorded on 01.28.12)  coincided perfectly with TIFF Bell Lightbox’s retrospective on Nicolas Cage (starting 01.28.12 going through April) and and and Nicolas Cage wanting to come back as a ghost in the Japanese sequel (???) to the feminist bear-suit fire movie. I think there’s some spooky Cage-y vibes permeating the atmosphere, dudes. Watch where you step.  Anyway, stay tuned for when we unfold our Nicolas Cage-centric podcast next week!

Until then, here’s a little Nic Cage essence to tide you over…






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  1. Kitri Avatar

    oh my GAWD get on it!!!!!!!!

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